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Robert Parks' Thoughts

I suppose this project, or one like it was inevitible, once the Forest Service decided to hold a crosscut saw training class for the volunteers. Certainly I was hot to go out and saw some stuff, which I did, in other areas. But not being a qualified trip leader, the organizing of trips had to fall upon others. This fell to Mike H. who, like me, is a fan of the Cone Peak Gradient area. In April, he suggested a survey trip, to produce a document that would be useful both for planning purposes and helpful for the Forest Service bureaucracy.

On May 16th, we did the survey, as a one-way downhill from the Cone Peak Road to Highway 1 at Kirk Creek. both of us wielding cameras and GPS units, as well as gear suitable for the removal of deadfalls up to about 6" in diameter. Despite my negligence that led to me irrevocably running out of image memory at Vicente Flat Camp, we managed to amass a couple hundred images, and enough GPS data to satisfy any but the most compulsive data packrat. We also, in passing, managed to clear the trail of logs and deadfall under the 4-6" diameter range. During the week, in between the day job, I managed to produce a survey document suitable for distribution at the Forest Service Tool Training the next weekend.

June 11-12, work trip based out of Espinosa Camp.

June 25-27, work trip based out of Vicente Flat Camp.

July 9-10, work trip based out of Vicente Flat Camp

(Survey-July 15) This wasn't really planned as a work or survey trip, more of a run-away-from-home trip for a friend and me. But, work was committed, so I might as well write it up. We got a ride to the top of the trail, which was very good, since it was quite hot. Certainly it was a pleasure to walk down this trail, mostly clear of obstacles, when so recently it was nearly impassable. One disconcerting thing about the hike was how so much of our work simply disappeared. Even large cut logs were partially hidden in the duff, and minor logs simply were unnoticeable. Some of the biggest projecting logs remained gratifyingly obvious.

July 23-24, work trip based out of "Log Camp"

In conclusion, this project was a gratifying proof of volunteer sawyers abilities, and merely whetted the appetite for further work of this type.

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