May 9, 2004 - Cone Peak Area Trails Survey


The trails around Cone Peak provide a number of interesting loops and out-and-back trips. The trail from the Cone Peak Road to the summit of Cone Peak is the only trail that is entirely clear, all the others suffer from a combination of logs and deadfall, brush growth, and tread issues, most caused or exacerbated by the recent fires.

On May 9, 2004, I (Robert Parks), surveyed the Coast Ridge Trail from the end of the Cone Peak Road to Cook Spring Camp. I collected data which is tabulated in the Survey Document linked below, including data from previous trips to the area.


Included in this survey are the Coast Ridge Trail to the Cook Springs Trail junction, the Gamboa Trail to Trail Spring Camp, and both legs of the Cook Spring Trail.

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Cone Peak Area Trails Survey / Robert Parks / / revised May '05