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Arroyo Seco Trail Work Trip

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January 13-15, 2006

Introduction and Summary

The Arroyo Seco Trail connects Memorial Campground (and the Santa Lucia Trail) with the Coast Ridge Trail. It gains about 2500' in the 5.0 miles up to the Coast Ridge. We stayed at a dry camp a short distance below the Coast Ridge Trail junction...intending to avoid the worst of the winds at the ridge.

Trip Leader: Dave Knapp. Crewmembers: Tom B, Kwan T, Robert P, Don and Julie B, Esperanza H, Mike H, Robert K. 

Trailwork Plan

Our plan was to brush the upper section of the trail, with hopes of finishing the trail to an adequate standard.


Due to the weather conditions, work was substantially limited to Friday afternoon.

Several small deadfalls/logs were removed from the upper end of the Arroyo Seco Trail, and about a tenth of a mile of brushing was accomplished.

On the Coast Ridge Trail, two of the new deadfalls were trimmed to make passage easier - Clear/Passable


Below are two quotes from emails composed while tentbound:

Set up camp just below the ridge to avoid the howling winds. Kwan made a nice campfire although the wind blew the smoke everywhere. I woke up, considering whether I needed to pee, and it started raining...1206am...when the forecast said rain after midnight! Mostly snow, sleet and rain. Dave's tarp tent became overburdened and pulled a stake, my solo tent was fine.

I got up and made tea when it stopped raining this morning, then got back in the tent to read (Heyer - An Infamous Army). After a little walk checking out overgrown bits of trail near the junction, I ducked into the tent as it started sleeting and hailing in earnest. It is expected to taper off this morning and be more pleasant in the PM. 

Umm, yep...the rain tapered off around noon, to be replaced with snow, sticking slushily to everything. By late afternoon there was about a half inch of fluffy stuff on top of the half inch of sleet and hail. The official plan of the Saturday night potluck was abandoned for everyone huddling in their tents.

In the wee hours it cleared up and got colder (high 20Fs/-3C), we ended up with about 2.5 inches of frozen stuff on the ground.

Weather and Conditions

Friday - blustery and cool. Saturday - rain/sleet and hail in the morning, snow in the afternoon, cold. Sunday - cold, clear and calm.

False Madrone Camp


Trip Icon


Map of trailwork location and route detail maps, route to camp in red and trailwork area in green

Map with route
Detailed Map (510K)

Detailed map of trailwork location (upper sections), route in red and obstacles noted in blue

Map with route
Detailed Map (205K)

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