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Arroyo Seco Trail Work Trip

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December 9-11, 2005

Introduction and Summary

The Arroyo Seco Trail connects Memorial Campground (and the Santa Lucia Trail) with the Coast Ridge Trail. It gains about 2500' in the 5.0 miles up to the Coast Ridge. Since we were planning on working on the upper end of the trail, we came in on the Coast Ridge Trail (closer and less elevation gain) We stayed at Tin Can Camp (a dry camp between Cook Spring Camp and the Arroyo Seco Trail on the Coast Ridge Trail). 

Trip Leader: Dave Knapp. Crewmembers: Robert P, Robert K, Esperanza H, Richard R, Laura S.

Trailwork Plan

Our plan was to finish logging the upper section of the trail, and to work on brushing out the problematic upper section.


This trip ended up being more of a Coast Ridge Trail worktrip than one on the Arroyo Seco Trail. With a smaller group, most of our energy was spent clearing the Coast Ridge Trail to a good standard to allow future trips easy access. The result of this is that the Coast Ridge Trail, from Tin Can Camp to the Arroyo Seco Trail is now a Wilderness Freeway, although sections closer to the trailhead are in worse condition.

On the Arroyo Seco Trail, a couple tenths of a mile of brushing was completed, with some short sections of restoring tread route where brush had overgrown.


One hindrance to our dry camp at Tin Can Camp was Cook Spring was flowing very slowly, although given the small group it wasn't a major problem. Despite strong winds the first night, the camp was reasonably comfortable, and being on a ridge, we were treated to a series of spectacular sunrises and sunsets. Intrepid daytripper Esperanza supplied us with a generous amount of drink, and on the last day, fresh burritos.

Weather and Conditions

Friday - windy and cool. Saturday - breezy and cool, partly overcast. Sunday - cool and partly overcast.

False Madrone Camp


Trip Icon


Map of trailwork location and route detail maps, route to camp in red and trailwork area in green

Map with route
Detailed Map (510K)

Detailed map of trailwork location (upper sections), route in red and obstacles noted in blue

Map with route
Detailed Map (205K)

Map of Arroyo Seco Trail, route in red and obstacles noted in blue

Map with route
Detailed Map (205K)

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