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Lone Mountain Stroll

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November 26, 2005


I needed to go to BevMo (local discount liquor store) to get a bottle of Old Potrero and a bottle of Yamazaki (Japanese Single Malt Whisky). along the way I took a look at the two local half-grand-unions and (since I didn't bring my wire angle camera) failed to get good pictures of the overhead. Wandered across Alamo Square and up Golden Gate Ave to look at a few more victorians, over Lone Mountain (University of SF) and down the neat stairs on the north side to BevMo.

They were out of the Yamazaki, but I did score a very tacky Santa bottle cover and an "candy cane" full of jewel colored vodka...not to drink (I hope!), but for the plastic 50ml bottles, which I plan to empty and remove the labels from and refill with something drinkable for (probably Scotchtoberfest). They also had a two-capped flask...which upon examination was found to be merely a dual opening to a single vessel, rather than my hoped for dual vessel.

Santa - Vodka candy cane

Bright colored vodka

Blinking SantaOn the way home found an alley that lead towards Lone Mountain (called, of all things, Lone Mountain Alley), poked about around the USF campus taking pictures of St. Ignatius and then took the bus the rest of the way home.

Oh, and the Santa head? Has a blinking nose!

Blinking Santa

Weather and Conditions

Sunny and cool.


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No map generated, but route is as below:

From 1378 McAllister, R-McAllister, L-Pierce, Alamo Square via Playground to Hayes at Steiner, L-Hayes, R-Fillmore, U-Fillmore, L-Grove, Alamo Square via Center to Fulton at Scott, L-Scott, R-Divisadero, L-McAllister, R-Broderick, L-Golden Gate, R-Tamalpais Terrace, Lone Mountain via Military Science to Loyola House, L-Lone Mountain Stairs, L-Anza, R-Blake, R-Geary, to Wood, U-Geary, to Bevmo (nr Stanyan). From Bevmo, L-Geary, L-Stanyan, L-Lone Mountain Alley, R-Parker, to Fulton, U-Parker, to McAllister, R-USF to University Center, R to Malloy Hall, to Fulton, L-Fulton, to Clayton.

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