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Arroyo Seco Trail Work Trip

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November 11-14, 2005

Introduction and Summary

The Arroyo Seco Trail connects Memorial Campground (and the Santa Lucia Trail) with the Coast Ridge Trail. It gains about 2500' in the 5.0 miles up to the Coast Ridge. We stayed at False Madrone Camp (2.5 miles in), and worked between the third river crossing (2.5 miles) and the Coast Ridge Trail junction (5.0 miles).

Trip Leader: Dave Knapp. Crewmembers: Robert Parks, Mike Heard, Mark Maslow, Dave Nelson, Tom Brobowski, and John Siddall. (Newcomers) Esperanza Hernandez, Kwan Teoh, and Steve and Beth Benoit. Forest Service: Pat Bailey (to False Madrone Camp).

Trailwork Plan

Our plan was to log out what trees and deadfalls we safely could, starting with the end of the work area from the last trip, and do as much brushing up the trail as time and crew allowed.


Brush, logs and deadfall removed from the second river crossing to False Madrone Camp - Wilderness Freeway. Above False Madrone Camp, some logs, deadfall and brush removed, several duck-under and climb-overs remain, as well as one short but sketchy trail diversion - Passable.

Brush, all logs and all deadfall removed from False Madrone Camp to the 4th switchback, with some brushing above that. Trail to the first switchback - Wilderness Freeway, from there to the 4th switchback - Clear (except for stock hazard at the landslide). the very top of the trail remains Passable/Difficult.


In an effort to clear some tiny remnants of liquor off my counter I brought several small containers which contained: Single Barrel Jack, Benromach Single Malt, Old Potrero Rye, and Aniversario Rum. All of them fine (sipping) libations. I was very pleased, at the end of the trip to have one of the participants tell me: "I never really liked hard liquor before, but that must be because I never had the good stuff!"

We were lucky in that on Sunday a period of gusty winds knocked the hanging branch out of one of the hazard trees, allowing that tree to be cleared. Also, further investigation of the other nearby hazard tree revealed that it was firmly pinned, allowing it to also be cleared.

Weather and Conditions

Pleasant and breezy during the day, cooling rapidly in the evenings, fairly brisk at night.

False Madrone Camp


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Map of trailwork location and route detail maps, route to camp in red and trailwork area in green

Map with route
Detailed Map (510K)

Detailed map of lower section of trail, route in red and original obstacles noted in blue

Map with route
Detailed Map (180K)

Detailed map of trailwork location (upper sections), route in red and obstacles noted in blue

Map with route
Detailed Map (205K)

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