Peak 12013

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September 5, 2005

Trip Summary

A Bay Area Hiking trip led by Chris T. and joined by myself. Planned as a balloon loop with cross-country mileage.

Panorama from Peak 12013
Peak 12013 panorama
(2029 x 253, 112K)


A short notice hike for both of us, since we both originally had weekend trips planned, which both fell through. We first hiked across the 20 Lakes Basin from the Saddlebag Lake trailhead, then went cross country from the Hess Mine to a little tarn, then scrambled up to the long ridge between North Peak and Peak 12013. From there it was a straighforward easy scramble up the (mostly solid) rockfield to the summit. The top is very steep on the north side.

After lunch, we scrambled over to the western subpeak and down the south face (less solid than the east ridge) and took a slightly steeper route down to the tarn where Chris refilled water. Rather than return to the trail, we followed the west slopes of the valley to the low east ridge of North Peak, which we scrambled over to the Conness Lakes. From there we followed the use trail down to our original trail and out.

Weather and Conditions

Clear and pleasant. The trail sections were in generally good condition.

About 12 miles (5? miles cross-country), 2950 feet of ascent, ~7:00 on the trail. Bunnyhike rating: 75


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Area maps, route in blue and red

Map with route
Detailed Map (360K)

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