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August 8, 2005

Trip Summary

A two day CHAOS listed trip joined by Evan W. Two dayhikes on the East Side of the Sierra Nevada with car camping at the Long Valley hot springs.

lk dorothy-red slate mtn
Red Slate Mountain on the left


A hike up the beautiful Convict Creek Canyon. Virtually all the rocks in this drainage are metamorphic, and many are highly colored. This is one of the prettiest canyons on the East Side, both the colors and patterns of the rocks are spectacular. The only hitch is the missing bridge, washed out some years ago at about 9000'. With the wet winter, the creek is still too high for a safe crossing, happily there is a adequate log across the rocks.

At Mildred Lake, most of the maps are wrong, having the trail cross west of the lake, where it is an easy ford. There is actually a bridge over the outlet of the lake at the East end. From Mildred the trail climbs across a talus slope (steep, but not too loose) to reach Lake Dorothy, a large lake with expansive views towards Red Slate Mountain.

Mt Morrison ridge
Mount Morrison and Mount Baldwin

Weather and Conditions

The clouds built up quickly in the morning, but never amounted to much in the afternoon...a few rumbles, but no rain at all.

The trail is marred by a number of recently active washes, the missing bridge, and above the bridge site, a series of debris slide and washouts that have severely damaged the tread for about a 1/4 mile. It is not however very difficult to follow the established use trail.

About 12.5 miles, 2750 feet of ascent, 6:15 on the trail. Bunnyhike Rating: 53.


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Map of hike location and route detail maps, route in blue and red

Map with route
Detailed Map (120K)

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