Warren Canyon

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August 7, 2005

Trip Summary

A two day CHAOS listed trip joined by Evan W. Two dayhikes on the East Side of the Sierra Nevada with car camping at Shepherd's Hot Spring.


The original plan was to scramble up to the top of Mt. Warren (12,327'/3757m), however, threatening weather made it sensible to stay low in the valleys. Warren Canyon is a hanging valley just north of Ellery Lake on the Tioga Road, it is also the site of a disused Forest Service campground (with picnic tables and tent spots, but no facilities) a tenth of a mile from the main road.

We headed up the trail/old jeep road to a wet meadow carpeted in wildflowers where we were attacked by voracious hordes of mosquitos (take picture, slapslapslapslapslap, repeat). From there, we scrambled up to a minor ridge dividing the valley for a snack. The weather wasn't improving, so we hiked along the shelf to a broad meadow and a low shoulder, before retreating down a gully to the valley floor, as the thunder and lightning was becoming heavier. It didn't actually start raining until we got inside the car, but it did rain (at times very heavily) the entire drive down to the hot spring, and continued until near dusk (luckily, rain is a minor concern at a hot spring).

About 5-6 miles, 1300 feet of ascent, some cross-country


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Map of hike location and route detail maps, route in blue and red

Map with route

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