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May 9, 2005

Hike Description

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This trip concludes the easy hills of San Francisco, Alcatraz requires a ferry ride, schedule and possibly reservations.

This hike was the twelfth of a series of hikes in San Francisco to address a surprising absence in my local hiking...the total absence of the Hills of San Francisco from my peak list (at least, until the last few months). San Francisco Peaks website. I summited Mount Davidson (927'), SF's high point, on February 7th, 2005. The tallest hill I haven't topped yet is the 44th and last: Alcatraz Island.This trip verified and topped Top of the Hill-SF (482'), the Shields-Orizaba Outcrop (516'), and Merced Heights-East Knob (484').

Summary and Technical Details

About 3 miles, ~500 feet of ascent.

Weather and Conditions

The weather was cool and partly overcast.


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Route and detail maps, route (northward) in red

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