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May 7, 2005

Hike Description

Map(s) of perambulations below.

Working my way into the endgame here. This was a combo trip, besides the hills I mostly traced the route of the new T-Third light rail line the Municipal Railway is building.

Starting from Transbay Terminal, I skirted Rincon Hill, going most of the way around it, and taking some more pictures of it, including a few from the CalTrans yard on the south side of the bridge approach. Walked past the Giants' stadium as the crowds were arriving for a game...the standing room areas have a pretty amazing view. After seeing the rebuilt superstructure of the Fourth Street Bridge, it was a less than interesting walk down Third Street though the industrial and partly senescent area past Islais Creek. I didn't even consider walking over Hunters Point Hill, perhaps some time I'll do it very early in the morning on a weekday, but midday Saturday is not a time for a (more or less) white person to be wandering around that area. Mt. St. Joseph in the Silver Terrace neighborhood is a private subdivision, posted "No Trespassing" and all. Ugh. I did not get harassed, but I did a fast loop.

Bay View Park, which encompasses Candlestick Hill is a gem. It also has abandoned trails around the summit. Which is good to know if I get itchy to do some trailwork. Being solitary, it has exceptional views. My next goal (Recycle Hill) didn't match the topo maps, apparently it lost its top in the 50s or 60s, and is neither over 100' nor rises 50' over the nearby saddle. The garden/parkland inside the waste facility looks very inviting and interesting. After a lunch of BBQ meatballs over rice from Piccolos(?) on Tunnel Road, I continued on towards Geneva and McLaren Park.

Interesting excavation opposite Crocker-Amazon Hill, basically a couple cubical bites out of the hillside next to the old wonders why they didn't just cut the remnant east ridge of the quarry flat. Nice paths in McLaren Park...I will have to revisit it sometime, what looked like the high point isn't on the I'll have to go and re-do with the altimeter. Then the jaunt over to Holly Park (with an excessivly friendly dog) and then Bernal Heights. The descent from Bernal Heights on Esmerelda included an absolutely insane dual slide adjacent to staircase with 28 steps. An adult in hiking pants gains terrifying speed...if I had know that, I would have taken the similar slide shortcut into St. Mary's Park earlier. Decision time at 30th and Mission: I left it to the gods...if the 14 comes, I'd take it to Daly City and do the three hills down there, if the 24 came, I'd go home. I was home little more than 20 minutes later!

This hike was the eleventh of a series of hikes in San Francisco to address a surprising absence in my local hiking...the total absence of the Hills of San Francisco from my peak list (at least, until the last few months). San Francisco Peaks website. I summited Mount Davidson (927'), SF's high point, on February 7th, 2005. The tallest hill I haven't topped yet is #15 - Merced Heights (West Peak) (516') in the southwestern corner of the City. 4 of 44 hills remain. This trip's catch included: Mt. St. Joseph (261'), Candlestick Hill (420'), Crocker-Amazon Hill (316'), McLaren Ridge (533'), Holly Hill (313'), and Bernal Heights (481').

Summary and Technical Details

About 16.5 miles, ~2300 feet of ascent.

Weather and Conditions

The weather was cool, but not windy. It ranged from nearly clear to overcast and threatening to rain.


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