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April 30, 2005

The things we do for Love

Tommy at Ebisu has just come back from a couple months off, he was rear-ended on his way home from work, ironically by a sometime Ebisu patron. At the same time, the regular sushi chef at the airport Ebisu went on vacation to China, so this weekend, Tommy was sent to Siberia, the airport, that is.

When I went in Tuesday, he mentioned that he would be there and be bored over the weekend, so I said I'd go. After all, I was going to go to Ebisu anyway, so I just stay on the bus longer, catch BART (subway) to the station adjacent to the North Food Court where Ebisu is. Very sedate, just me, and a little bit of to go/food court patronage til about 930pm, when it got almost busy.

Anyway, had a good time, a good chat with George (the manager, formerly the kitchen chef at Ebisu in SF) and Tommy. Food was excellent, if a little limited (in terms of fish selection) compared to 9th Avenue. Afterwards, I wandered down the hallway towards BART, but stopped to take pictures of the current SFO advertising placards, and then the Teapot exhibit. Text of the exhibit display.

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