Mt St Helena

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March 13, 2005

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summit iconA CHAOS trip organized by Val Z. Most of the hike up to the 4343' summit is on a well graded dirt road (which services the large number of broadcast antennas on the summits), there is only a short section of foot trail up from the R.L. Stevenson State Park trailhead. We did a fairly quick hike up to the summit, then met up with some other CHAOS climbers at the Farside climbing area. We stopped in St Helena for dinner and a soak at one of the commercial hot springs on the way back.

Weather and Conditions

Clear and breezy

About 10 miles, ~2000 feet of ascent, ~7:30 on the trail.


Area maps, route in blue and fuchsia

Map with route
Detailed Map (123K)

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