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February 7, 2005

Hike Description

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Lots of up and down on this one. Wish I had brought a small saw to cut out the deadfall on Mount Davidson. Lunch was a pretty good burrito gotten at Glen Park, and eaten intermittently starting at Fairmount Plaza. Some of the hills were developed late, and the architecture shows it, very, very suburban in style. All in all, a pretty strenuous workout, I was happy to catch the bus when I got to Parnassus.

This hike was the eighth of a series of hikes in San Francisco to address a surprising absence in my local hiking...the total absence of the Hills of San Francisco from my peak list. San Francisco Peaks website. My current highest peak in San Francisco is Mount Davidson at 927 feet (highest peak in San Francisco). On this trip I topped Edgehill (733'), Mount Davidson (927' - finally!), Billy Goat Hill (553'), Gold Mine Hill (679'), Red Rock Hill (689'), Noe Peak (South Twin Peak - 922'), Eureka Peak (North Twin Peak - 904'), Clarendon Heights (836'), and Mount Sutro (908').

Summary and Technical Details

About 11 miles, ~2700 feet of ascent (if you count running up the stairs from the platform at Forest Hill Station).

Weather and Conditions

The weather was overcast, cool and breezy.


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