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January 8, 2005

Hike Description

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The day's walk started with an exploration of the old 7-Haight (Market Street Railway) streetcar line right of way near the beach in Golden Gate Park. After a break for a passing downpour, hot chocolate at Happy Donuts, I headed up to Grandview Park (Larsen Peak), then along the ridge to Sunset Heights (which just misses being a peak, having a high saddle) and Forest Hill. It was windy and rainy once I got to Larsen Peak (which is pretty exposed), so I was glad to dive into the subway at Forest Hill Station and head home.

This hike was the sixth of a series of hikes in San Francisco to address a surprising absence in my local hiking...the total absence of the Hills of San Francisco from my peak list. San Francisco Peaks website. My current highest peak in San Francisco is Forest Hill (west of Laguna Honda) at 788 feet (6th highest overall). On this trip I topped Larsen Peak (666') and Forest Hill (788').

Summary and Technical Details

About 3 miles, 900+ feet of ascent.

Weather and Conditions

The weather was showery and blustery, with intermittent heavy downpours


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Map of hike location and route detail maps, route starts heading west and south, in red

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