Scotchtoberfest 2004

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October 15-17, 2004Scotchtoberfest


Scotchtoberfest is an non-official gathering each fall in the northern Santa Lucia Range. The announcement pretty much covers it.


TarantulaI maxed out the volume in my backpack, my food for the weekend was hung on the outside, since I wanted to be careful not to have a problem with either of the bottles of whiskey I brought (Old Potrero and Cardhu), I was less concerned with the flasks and 50mLs. Yeah, that was a heavy pack going up the Miracle Mile. Saw a few tarantulas on the trail up.

I suppose we eventually had dinner after the somewhat protracted happy hour and before the also extended nightcap.

Hare FallsSaturday most of the group hiked up to the waterfall on the fork of Hare Creek that braches off just above the camp...or at least, hiked up to where the falls would be if there was significant water in it. Some tried to climb to the top.

I headed down with Dave M to catch Boon H on his quest for Hare (3016'). he had left already when we got back to camp so we booked on and caught him at the toe of the ridge we would climb. The climb up was mostly through grassy meadow or open savannah, although we got into brush and fire regrowth near the top, crossing the obvious remains of the ?Girard? Trail. The ridgeline had been bulldozed in on of the fires, so we had our doubts about finding anything. Dave M managed to find one of the Reference Marks, which we counted as good as locating the lost Benchmark. We tried to go further up the ridge, but fire killed brush stymied us.

Bottles on stumpBy the time we got back to camp, clouds had poured over from the Salinas Valley (outwitting those of us expecting weather to come from the coastside), and drizzle started around dusk. Several people had bailed out to avoid a wet night. Under the huge virgin redwoods, it didn't actually start raining on us til hours later.

trip icon 3I found out that there was a defect in the factory seam-sealing in my tent. One of the pull-offs on the rainfly wasn't sealed, and water was dripping through that, onto a pull-off on the tent, which also wasn't sealed, which of course transferred the water to my sleeping bag. Not actually a problem, since I use a synthetic bag, and was too warm anyway...temperatures probably only dropped into the 50s.

Wet morningSunday morning, by consensus we all packed up and hiked out. I was pleased to donate my empty Old Potrero bottle to Boon as a souvenir. Shot glasses left on the table were partly filled by the amber tea filtered through the redwoods above.

Summary and Technical Details

The hike in and out is about 5 miles with a total of about 2000' of climbing.

Up to the falls is a 1/2 mile and a few hundred feet of climbing.

Up to Hare is a round trip of about 5 miles, with about 1500' of climbing, mostly very steep cross country up to the benchmark at 3016'.

Weather and Conditions

The hike in Friday was pleasant, starting in the coastal fog. Saturday was clement, sunny in the morning, and clouding towards the evening, and starting to drizzle around dusk. Sunday started wet, and was intermittently drizzly on the hike out.


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