Indian Canyon

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October 10, 2004

Outline and BackgroundLost Arrow Spire

The second day of a CHAOS trip. The evening rendezvous at our campsite worked like a charm. Indian Canyon was the traditional pre-industrial route out of Yosemite Valley towards Tuolumne Meadows, thus the name. It has been supplanted by easier and much more scenic routes since the developement of the Valley.

Hike Description

Given the information we had (yay, as well as the experience of one of the group (whose group had gone up the recess immediately to the right of Indian Canyon from the valley floor), we managed a Class 2 route all the way up, with just the barest hint of Class 3 scrambling. We started on the right side of the creek bed, following a use trail, then, when the right side got steep, we crossed over to the left side across a boulder jumble, and climbed up and to the right through a solid talus field. From there we stayed fairly high above the creek, climbing through forest and some meadow gaps. Eventually we joined an obvious use trail that hugged the west wall of the canyon, passing some remains of obvious rockwork. Nearing the top the use trail is clipped through the brush. As the terrain leveled out, we left/lost the use trail and cross-countried to join the North Dome Trail at about 7100' elevation.

After lunch next to the trail, we followed the trail west to Yosemite Point, where we watched some climbers on Lost Arrow Spire. Noone was in the mood for going to the brink of Upper Yosemite Falls...among other things, it was bone dry, so we headed straight down the Falls Trail, and then back to the cars by way of the Northside Trail, passing our starting point on the way.

Summary and Technical Details

~9.5 miles, 3900' ascent, in 4.5 hours. Bunnyhike rating 90

Weather and Conditions

Sunny and warm. UNpleasantly so ascending Indian Canyon.


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