Mono Hot Springs

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September 6, 2004

Outline and Background

Originally, my plan for the Labor Day weekend involved going to Worldcon (Noreascon in Boston), but for various reasons that didn't happen. Instead, I was invited to spend the weekend camping at Mono Hot Springs with Amy E and Richard H, and another couple they invited (Carole N and Fabrice G). That appealed. A totally new area for me, hot springs, hiking and good company.


We (Carole, Fabrice and I) drove up Saturday midday, arriving mid-afternoon. After setting up camp, in the blessedly non-party end of the campground, we drove up to Edison Lake and checked things out there, when we returned we did a quick exploration of the hot springs on the far side of the river, before coming back for dinner. After dinner I made a more protracted exploration and soaking trip. At some point, I made time to log into the internet at the resort side and checked that Lois McMaster Bujold had indeed won a Hugo for Paladin of Souls.

Sunday was mostly the Silver Pass hike, but the camp end of the day was highlighted by the apple pie we brought back from the Edison lake Resort. More hot springing.

Monday the campground was nearly deserted, more time in the hot springs, a drive up to explore some more around Lake Edison, and the long drive home, extended by taking minor squiggly roads, crossing the Central Valley and crossing the Salinas Mountains on the Panoche Road, ending up on Highway 25 north of Pinnacles.

Weather and Conditions

Clear and (unseasonably) cool.


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And the next day:Silver Pass area Silver Pass

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