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August 15, 2004

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This weekend was planned for two loop hikes with substantial cross-country on each day, and soaking at the hot springs in between. The weather had other ideas. I managed to complete the first day's hike, a Loop encompassing Peak 12002 (north of the Tioga Road). The next day's hike, over Mt. Dana into the Dana-Gibbs saddle area was truncated at the summit of Mt. Dana due to snow, and the time left over was dedicated to a couple cleanup hikes.

I was expecting a chance of showers, and from the (sunny) Gaylor Lakes trailhead, that looked like the most likely possibility. By the time I got to Lower Gaylor Lake, it was drizzling, with obvious activity east of Tioga Pass. I decided to press on with my umbrella, and was rewarded by a heavy downpour of mixed precipitation (rain, snow and hail). I was pounding pretty hard at Middle Gaylor Lakes, so I took shelter under a tree where it shortly stopped precipitating. Still active east of the pass. By now, my new trail runners (NB905's) were wet, but not particularly uncomfortable, so I decided to continue on though the slush and puddles on the alpine meadow.

I did a quick climb up the trail over to Tioga Pass to check the conditions there, from the saddle it looked similar, no worse, at least. I went back down, across to the Granite Lakes, then up to the ruins of the Great Sierra Mine on the Divide. From here on, the precipitation on the ground was entirely snow, mostly 2-3 inches deep. I followed the ridge up to Peak 12002, then went down the south east ridge to the edge of the Granite Lakes cirque, then south down the minor cirque above Lower Gaylor Lake and back to the trail.

Weather and Conditions

Intermittently stormy, cool and breezy.

About 13.5 miles, ~3400 feet of ascent, 6:52 on the trail. Bunnyhike rating: 68


Area map, route in red, fuchsia and blue

Map with route
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Cross-country map, route in red, fuchsia and blue

Map with route
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And the next day:Tioga Pass area Mt Dana

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