White Mountain

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August 7, 2004


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To allay any confusion, this is the Yosemite White Mountain, the little one (12,057'), not the big one in the eponymous White Mountains east of the Owens Valley (near Bishop).

I suppose there was a bit of cleanup on this hike, the last mile of the Young Lakes trail, and the parts of the Delaney Creek trail that were under snow can be marked off now. Mostly this was an excursion across the white granite of the Yosemite High Country. The loop we hiked comprises the two easy (Class 2) routes up White Mountain. Other routes are substantially more challenging (Class 3+). On the way up, the glacial bowl west of the summit looked it bit challenging from the ridge east of Upper Young Lake, but the reality was less so. Up close it was a low angle walkup, with little exposure and the routefinding was just trending towards the obvious visible saddle. Once on the ridge, there was a bit of steep sandy slog to the false summit, then the easy traverse to the actual summit. Easy Class 3 to the very top. Nice knife edge summit rock!

Needless to say, fine panoramic views, and a obvious trip for the next summer. The Class 2 route up Conness (12,590') was very visible.Downwards, we went down the south ridge to Lower Skelton Lake, noting the suitability of the area for backpacking. From there we walked through the long meadows that line Delaney Creek, joining the trail just past the creek crossing. Somehow we managed to flake the trail junction north of Lembert Dome and went around the east side of the dome, rather than the direct (and badly beaten) trail down to Tuolumne Meadows. This did give us the opportunity to see the notorious stretch of 6-track on the John Muir Trail near the ranger station.

Weather and Conditions

Sunny and pleasant. The trails were in typical Yosemite condition, beat up near the trailhead, in better condition further away. The cross country was all pretty straightforward, routefinding is easy above treeline. Mostly Class 1-2, with a few bits of easy Class 3 here and there.

About 17.5 miles (6.5 miles cross-country), 4200 feet of ascent, 7:30 on the trail. Bunnyhike rating: 97


Area maps, route in red and blue

Map with route . Map with route

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