Point Reyes - Crystal Lake Trail

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May 16, 2004


A CHAOS hike, I was joined by Christina H. We explored some trails new to me, between Five Brooks and Alamere Falls, and ran across a trail that has been effectively abandoned (the Crystal Lakes Trail)...still followable, but a fairly unpleasant struggle. If I wasn't so focused on trailwork in the Ventana, I'd be working on this trail.

Weather and Conditions

Sunny and warm.

About 15.8/17.6 miles, 2800 feet of ascent, 6:15 on the trail.

About 17.5 miles (6.5 miles cross-country), 4200 feet of ascent, 7:30 on the trail. Bunnyhike rating: 97


Area maps, route in red and blue

Map with route
Detailed Map (110K)

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