Mount Tamalpais Loop

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May 15, 2004


This was a Bay Area Hiking trip I joined. The core group was using it as a conditioning hike for a Rim-to-Rim hike in the Grand Canyon. The original plan was for a 25 mile, 6000' hike, but due to closed trails and exhaustion among the core group, it was cut back to less than 20 miles and about 5000'. Still it was a very convoluted cloverleaf loop, covering, for me some familiar trails and also some unfamiliar ones, most particularly, the summit of Mt Tamalpais. There are a number of closed trails (due to mostly collapsed CCC era bridges), some of which we crossed, some we didn't. One the Pantoll-Pantoll leg, the group got separated, but rejoined at Barth's Retreat. The group again split at West Peak, part going up the fire road and through the closed area and down the road to rejoin the Internation Trail and the rest of the group. Finally, several members skipped the final loop from Mountain Home to Muir Woods and back, thus some hikers covered ~5 miles less ground.

Planned and actual route details (.RTF)

Weather and Conditions

Sunny and warm. The trails were generally in good condition, although the fire trail some of us mistakenly took mid-hike was pretty steep and a bit brushy.

About 19.6 miles, ~5100 feet of ascent, 9 hours on the trail.


Area maps, route in blue, purple, red, orange, yellow, green, fuchsia and apricot

Map with route
Detailed Map (422K)

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