Cone Peak Trailwork (Gamboa Trail)

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May 8, 2004

Trip Leader's Report


Trip Leader: Dave Knapp. Crew members: Robert Parks, Art Simon, Mike Heard.

Trailwork Plan

Dave Knapp is leading a two-day trailwork trip on the upper Gamboa Trail in the breathtaking Cone Peak area the weekend of May 8 and 9th (Mothers Day Weekend). The plan is to meet at the end of Cone Peak Road at 7:30am on Saturday, then hike in via the North Coast Ridge Trail. We'll work our way down the Gamboa Trail toward Trail Springs, clearing brush and small deadfalls with loppers and folding saws on Saturday afternoon and Sunday.
Potential participants should be aware that the area we will be working on has southern exposure and little if any shade, so bring plenty of water capacity.
Expect a jovial happy hour Saturday evening at Cook Spring Camp with pot-luck hors d'oeuvres.
If you are taking the shortcut through Fort Hunter Liggett from the 101, make sure you have a valid drivers license, current registration, and current proof of insurance. Experience showed me that not having one of these can increase your traveling by about 3 hours. :(


We managed to get the tread in decent shape from the Coast Ridge Trail down to the bottom of the switchbacks, and brushed out the full distance to Trail Spring. Also cleared the midsize and smaller logs on the trail.


Sunday morning, while Dave and Art checked out tin Can Camp and headed for the Gamboa Trail, Mike and I did some logging on the gentle route up from Cook Spring Camp.

On the Gamboa Trail:

Before: Gamboa Work 1

During: Gamboa Work 2

After: Gamboa Work 3

On the Cook Spring (Gentle) Trail

Log 4 Before: Log4 Before

Log 4 After: Log4 After

Another view of this log: Log 4 before and after, Detailed View (260K)

Weather and Conditions

Sunny and pleasant.


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Map of trailwork location and route detail maps, route in blue and red

Map with route
Detailed Map (153K)

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