Niagara Falls (Canadian Side)

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August 26, 2003


This was planned to be my pre-TorCon excursion, however, it was cut back to a visit by Niagara Falls by weather and exhaustion (I'd more or less packed and flown redeye immediate after returning for my Mt. Whitney hiking weekend. I parked by the International Control Structure and walked down the river to a bit north of Horseshoe Falls, wandering around the powerplants and less touristy attractions, with a stop at Under the Falls. On the way back, I stayed along the inland slope of Victorian Park and walked through the Dufferin Islands. The drive from Toronto was interesting in a drivish sort of way, would have been moreso if time allowed a more squiggly route.

Weather and Conditions

Overcast, misty to rainy, muggy. Extremely wet under the falls.


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