July 16th Hike: Agnew Meadow to 1000 Island Lake Loop

Absolutely exceptional wildflowers this summer. There has been a lot of rain on the Sierra crest and the East Side. From Tuolumne Meadow eastward, at least as far as the Long Valley hot springs. Worth even a driving trip.

0207160804-HighTrail-nrAgnewMdw (400x300, 68.1 kilobytes) 0207160805-HighTrail-nrAgnewMdw (400x300, 72.9 kilobytes) 0207160806-HighTrail-nrAgnewMdw (300x400, 64.0 kilobytes) 0207160807-HighTrail-nrAgnewMdw (400x300, 62.7 kilobytes) 0207160808-HighTrail-nrAgnewMdw (400x300, 37.8 kilobytes) 0207160858-HighTrail-ShadowLk (400x300, 50.6 kilobytes) 0207161106-AgnewPass-ClarkLk (400x300, 59.6 kilobytes) 0207161204-ThousandIsLk (400x300, 37.5 kilobytes) 0207161205-ThousandIsLk (400x300, 36.3 kilobytes) 0207161301-ThousandIsLk (400x300, 47.4 kilobytes) 0207161302-ThousandIsLk (400x300, 48.1 kilobytes) 0207161303-ThousandIsLk (400x300, 44.2 kilobytes) 0207161553-RiverTrail-nrAgnewMdw (400x300, 40.2 kilobytes) 0207161554-RiverTrail-nrAgnewMdw (400x300, 39.9 kilobytes) 0207161623-RiverTrail-AgnewMdw (400x300, 49.8 kilobytes)

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