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January 6, 2002


This was a driving trip to spend the night at Remington Hot Springs, driving therapy, away from the hustle and bustle of the Holidays in San Francisco, and most of a day of hot spring therapy. Map(s) of perambulations below.


I went the fast way, down I-5 to just past Kettleman "Here's The Beef!" City, where I turned onto Utica Avenue and zigzagged (roads are all NSEW) across the Central Valley near the Kern Wildlife Refuge. That time of year, under low clouds, the land has a spare beauty, fallow fields, the odd orchard, wetlands, all virtually deserted. I ended up at Delano, and SR155 which took its winding way up the the pass above Lake Isabella. Puttered around there in the snow for a bit, before dropping down to the Kern River and squiggling around to Remington Hot Springs.

Remington, looking better and better each time I visit, thanks to the dedicated volunteers out of Bakersfield. Can't do too much better than this. Hot tubs perched right on the edge of the river, in succession, 107F, 103F, 98F. River water: cold. Air temperature? Who cares! Also, the final closure of the old jeep road down to the springs has done wonders for trash, abuse and general overuse...the new switchback trail is a real beauty.


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